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BrokerFiles enables brokers to share, manage and distribute confidential information such as tax returns, financial statements, photographs, spreadsheets, databases, and more...
Your BrokerFiles account includes...
                ·  24/7 access to your account through our homepage
                ·  Ability to upload any file type into your account to share
                ·  Share an unlimited number of files
                ·  Create an unlimited number of users to your account
                ·  Make users digitally agree to your own confidentiality agreement (you can upload your own)
                ·  Set when your account's users expire and give them custom permissions
                ·  Ability to track every account by user, time, and action taken.
                ·  Ability to send an unlimited number of hard copies to BrokerFiles to be scanned into your account
                ·  Fax to our secure member-only system and have your fax scanned into your account
                ·  Free 24/7 technical support via email

BrokerFiles is the best, most time efficient, and cost effective service a business broker needs to share their client's sensitive and confidential information!

Mailing for one business package usually includes min. of 100 pages…

   ·  Fax                                       · 100 pages @ .05 cents per minute = $5.00
   ·  Email (if are scanned)             · 100 pages @ .10 cents per page = $10.00
   ·  Mail                                       · 100 pages @ FedEx = $5.00+
  Plus Your Staff Labor             

If you send information reqarding just four of your companies for sale to only five investors/buyers over a one month period of time; this equates to over $100 in upfront costs to your office! Imagine all the time it takes to get that information together, actually send it and double check to make sure it was delivered successfully and in a timely manor.

Doesn't it make more sense to load your information into BrokerFiles and easily manage all your files from a secure user-friendly website?  Take advantage of our 30-Day Free Trial today!



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