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Brokerfiles has not only improved our office efficiency but it has also given us a very professional presence. Our clients appreciate the quick access to information, our sales team can quickly retrieve information even when they are not in the main office, and we can update our files with minimal effort. We have been using Brokerfiles for the last few years and encourage others to experience its superior advantages.

Brian Stephens - MBA, CBI
Business Brokers Of America



BrokerFiles provides our firm with the following benefits; lowest cost information exchange with buyers and sellers, a "quid pro quo" method of managing information distribution and an internal communication system for effectively tracking the progress of transactions.

Chuck Andrews - CBI
Andrews Network Affilates



BrokerFiles has become an indispensable tool for our office. It is a cost effective and efficient way to manage the document flow that is involved in our business transactions. Our buyers love it because their mail boxes are not being used for large documents.

William A. Doyle
Business Brokers Of America



Gets you started instantly with no problems and the site is very easy to use.  What a great deal!  Every broker needs this tool.  Now I can't wait to get my long distance bill, no more 100 page fax charges for my office.   

Norman Pierce



We love Brokerfiles! Brokerfiles has afforded our company the ability to do business anywhere in the world with ease and has saved us hundreds of dollars every year. We are able to share highly confidential information in a controlled manner not only with our clients but with our entire company who are in multiple locations. We love being able to grant access to our clients for only the specfic files needed and enjoy having the ability to limit the way the client can see or download the document and for how long. I highly recommend the service to anyone who would like to store and share documents.

Lisa Valentine, CBI
Absolute Business Solutions, INC



"Brokerfiles has helped improve the quality and speed of communication with our clients. Buyers like the access and flexibility to view confidential business information. We can easily keep documentation current. It also reduced our publishing and distribution cost. Great Value."   

Kirk H. Jabara
Fulcrum Partners



At first I was skeptical about the security and how easy it would be to use so I tried the sixty day free trail.  Now I'm convinced that I'll never operate my office without my account, this service is well worth a small monthly fee.

Christopher Delfiaro

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