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What is BrokerFiles?

BrokerFiles provides business brokers, mergers and acquisitions, and intermediaries with a secure method to share and distribute confidential information such as Tax Returns, Financial Statements, etc... The Business Acquisition Specialists will maintain the ability to have full control of files by assigning specific user access in a controlled environment.
When you signup with BrokerFiles, you will be able to upload files in folders created specifically for your office needs. You will also be issued a fax number for the nearest area code to your office for a secure online personalized account to manage your files. You have no limit as to the number of faxes sent to your fax line included in your BrokerFiles subscription pages.
Here's how it works...
Simply upload a file or fax into Brokerfiles the information on each business listing you have. Then you'll be able to login to your account from any internet access location and review your faxes that were just sent instantly. It's automatically scanned into Adobe Acrobat(.pdf) file! You'll then be able to setup users in your BrokerFiles account. Each user will have select permissions which you set. A few of the options include: select which files the user can view, set an expiration date for the user, select if the user can download specific files, require the user to digitally agree to your office's confidentiality agreement and much more.
BrokerFiles is providing secure and confidential method to share files online such as: Tax returns, Profit & Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Interims, Company Profiles, Inventory Reports, Sales Analysis, Company Advertising Materials, and much more...

The biggest delay in business brokerage is distributing important confidential information to the right investors on a timely yet cost effective basis.
To date most companies send literally hundreds of pages of information for each company they list to a number of investors before finding the right match.
Imagine being able to distribute as much information about the business listing as you would like, as often as you want, whenever you want; from anywhere with internet access.   

Cancellation is as simple as sending written notification to BrokerFiles. Effective date of cancellation will be the date of written notification being received at BrokerFiles. There will be no refunds of previously used monthly subscriptions.

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